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WA State Massage Therapists: Join Our Team!


Breathe Wellness Company Values:

Wellness | Personal Responsibility | Integrity | Positivity | Diversity

Look no further, my friend. Breathe is the place you've been searching for, and I'm so excited to meet you! My name is Shelby Johnson, and I own and operate Breathe alongside my wonderful husband, Zach. I'm an active massage therapist of ten years and am honored to offer opportunities for other practitioners to perform a work that brings joy and fulfillment to the world.

Breathe processes are well refined, organized and effective. As an employee, you'll have access to all the needed tools to create a successful practice for yourself, such as marketing/rebooking strategy, a wide variety of liniments and music, linens and laundry service, hydraulic tables, charting supplies and much more.

The atmosphere at Breathe is calm, supportive and welcoming. We highly value independent thinking and personal responsibility for one’s roles, and we also care deeply about teamwork and clear, open communication. Frequent trading among staff is encouraged so that we can take care of ourselves and also learn and be inspired by each other's work. Other perks include accredited on-site continuing education and FREE class series (which are oftentimes CE, so yes, FREE CE!) We also have several employee and family discounts.

Having been in business since 2011, Breathe maintains a fantastic client base, and we are booked out several weeks in advance. Preferably Breathe needs therapists who are able to take at least three shifts per week, with afternoon/evening and weekend shifts being the most warranted. As soon as you join our team, your schedule will become quickly booked with many appreciative, well tipping humans.

Send your resume to me right now. :) I look forward to meeting you!

With gratitude, Shelby

Send resume to

Teachers and Entertainers: Let's Collaborate!

Buddhist Singing Bowl

Breathe is open to meeting and collaborating with wellness professionals who offer specialized classes and workshops.


Are you a teacher of meditation or other wellness arts? Do you offer sound baths, other healing therapies or teach continuing education? We have a large, beautiful event space waiting for you. Reach out today!

Call 360.604.1226 or email

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