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Vancouver WA Massage Therapist Job


Afternoon/Evening and Weekend Shifts

Vancouver WA Massage Therapist Job

Breathe Wellness Company Values:

Wellness | Personal Responsibility | Integrity | Positivity | Diversity


Hello, future teammate! My name is Shelby Johnson, and I run Breathe Wellness Company alongside my amazing husband, Zach. Together we strive to do business in fun and unique ways for our great community, and we are so pleased that you have found our space!


I'm an active massage therapist since 2012 and am honored to offer opportunities for other practitioners to perform a work that brings joy and fulfillment to the world. Breathe Wellness processes are well refined, organized and effective. Everyone has access to all the needed tools to create a successful practice, such as marketing/rebooking strategy, a wide variety of liniments and music, linens and laundry service, hydraulic tables, charting supplies and much more. As an employed position, I ensure that there is much freedom for creativity and involvement for all staff.

Our atmosphere is calm, supportive and welcoming. We highly value independent thinking and personal responsibility for one’s roles, and we also care deeply about teamwork and clear, open communication. Frequent trading among staff is encouraged so that we can take care of ourselves and also learn and be inspired by each other's work. Additional benefits include 75% off or more for our community workshops and our accredited on site continuing education classes, along with other employee and family discounts.

With many years in business (since 2011!), we maintain a fantastic patron base that shows it's appreciation to our team with high percentage gratuity, frequent rescheduling and client referrals.


I'm humbled to be leading this incredible wellness community to new places of self discovery, and personal and professional growth. I greatly appreciate your interest!

With gratitude, Shelby

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume with references to and experience our space to get a great idea of what it's like being a part of our community: Book a Massage or Go to an Event!

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Contractor Information:

We are especially interested in CE teachers for LMTs

20230802_141852 (2).jpg

Breathe Wellness has a large, beautiful event space where we hold many wellness events, including continuing education for licensed massage therapists. If you are interested in teaching a CE class for our LMT community, please call or email. I look forward to hearing from you!

360.604.1226 |

Please note: if you are a sound therapist/healer, meditation teacher or other similar profession and wish to offer an event, please also reach out to Shelby! We are not hiring yoga teachers at this time.


Thank you for your interest!

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