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Take your massage therapy practice to the next level with continuing education opportunities at Breathe! See below our upcoming courses:

Continuing Education for the LMT
Six Week Gentle Anusara Yoga Series:

WA + OR Con Ed Accredited!


Morning and Evening Options | In Person Walk Ins Welcome!

Tuesdays 10 - 11am | Wednesdays 7 - 8pm | Jan 10 - Feb 15

$18 drop-in, $42 for three or $72 for six | In Person + Live Stream + On Demand

with Elena Ivaschenko | designed for lay people and also accredited CE for WA/OR LMTs!

Join us with decades long student and teacher of yoga, Elena Ivaschenko, for an inspiring initiation! In this gentle movement series, Elena will introduce you to the ancient yogic "Yamas," or ways of living. With each class, you will see clearly how to incorporate these timeless ideals into your daily life, ultimately enhancing your innate abilities for living with focus, mindfulness and compassion.

A New Path of Living is a gentle series designed for those with or without yoga experience!

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Continuing Education for the LMT
Three Week Mindbody Connection Course:

WA + OR Con Ed Accredited!


Thursdays Jan 19 - Feb 2 | In Person + Live Stream + On Demand

10:30am - 12pm | $25 per or $60 for all three | In Person Walk Ins Welcome!

with Tammy Bux | designed for lay people and also accredited CE for WA/OR LMTs!

Enrich your soul with wellbeing mentor, Tammy Bux, for an inspiring journey of mindful movement, breathwork, guided meditation, reflection and community discussion. No experience needed! Please bring a journal, pen, blanket and pillow.


Session 1: Yoga Nidra - this ancient mindbody therapy induces a state of awareness between waking and sleeping to reduce stress, clear the mind and improve sleep. You will leave this session feeling rejuvenated and more present.


Session 2: Loving Kindness - this powerful yet simple meditation is inspired by the traditional Buddhist practice of "metta," which evokes love and kindness toward oneself and others, reducing negative emotions and creating more ease in life.


Session 3: Sacred Healing Sanctuary - in this uplifting practice, we bring a tender, healing energy to release stored pain with the mind-body-soul. We uncover the unique gifts we bring to this world, cultivate passion for the preciousness of life and connect to the divine spark within.

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Continuing Education for the LMT:
WA + OR Con Ed Accredited!


Monday February 27 | 9:30am-5:30pm | In Person 8 Hour Hands On CE

$125 by Feb 20, then $145 | Certificates of Completion to be Awarded

with Shelby Johnson, LMT


It's time to take your practice to the next level! Whether you’re a new or seasoned massage practitioner, this awesome CE course will refresh your skills so you can work more effectively and in tune with yourself and your clients.

The class will cover selfcare, focus techniques, anatomy, energy, bodymechanics, bodymind connection, and a massage demonstration that includes guided meditation, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and myofascial release techniques. There will be an hour for lunch, then class will resume for hands on trading. Each therapist will have 90 minutes to receive massage from another practitioner in the group, with a 30minute break afterward.


Expect to leave this course feeling energized and inspired to evolve and grow your practice! Join us for Energetic Sports Massage!


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