Specialized Add-Ons

Discover the power of our specialized add-on services: Cannabidiol Oil, Cupping and Gua Sha. Read more about each service listed below and choose to add any or all of these services to your treatment for $7 each; simply let us know when booking over the phone or leave us a note in your request when you book online.


Cannabidiol Oil (aka CBD/Hemp)

Enjoy all-natural pain relief with our CBD massage oil. Choose unscented or our favorite, "Mint to Be," a house-blend of CBD oil and essential oils of peppermint, clove and vetiver. This service is available with all of our massage therapists. We also sell our Mint to Be blend in 4oz bottles so you can take some home!



Info Soon - available with therapists Chelsea and Jolynn.


Gua Sha (aka Thai Scraping)

Info Soon - available with therapists Chelsea and Jolynn.