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Yuliya Bohan

200-Hour Yoga Teacher

Born in Ukraine and raised in the PNW, Yuliya is fiercely passionate to help people feel amazing and create positivity in each moment. In early 2019, she received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and began offering yoga instruction incorporating a unique blend of Vinyasa, Yin and meditation. With the use of supportive body-mind cues and options for both easier or more challenging poses, Yuliya’s mission is to provide an experience that is safe, nurturing and restorative. Follow @yogiyuliya.

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Jeremy Fraj

Sound Healer

"Over eight years ago, I began a path of spiritual self-discovery and health optimization. Coupling this new way of life with my background in music and drumming, I began offering sound baths. Over the last three years, I have developed the ability to provide an intuitive experience based on what I sense from participants. And with every journey, I aim to remind others that we have the capacity to reclaim ourselves, live authentically and harness our unique potentiality to thrive." Follow @ohsoulsimple.

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Elena Ivaschenko

400-Hour Yoga Teacher, Dance + Fitness Instructor

Elena has been teaching dance and fitness since 2004. Having practiced yoga for many years, she decided to get her training and also become a yoga teacher. Now with nearly 500 hours of education, her yogic scope of practice is broad and refined, with the spirit of Anusara at its core. Elena’s style combines a focus on alignment with playful and creative sequencing of postures, leading you to find a relaxing and energizing union of breath and body. She encourages you to explore the benefits of yoga at your own pace. Elena believes that yoga, like life, should be approached with love, care and humor.


Vonie Kalich

Pilates Instructor, Life Coach, Equine Gestalt Coach

Vonie has been actively teaching Pilates since 2003. After decades of training and managing a wide variety of individuals and teams in the fitness industry, in 2016, Vonie expanded her career as a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach and soon after became certified as a Life Coach. Today, Vonie’s services include partnering with horses to coach humans, corporate retreats with horses, women’s horse retreats, various workshops and her signature program, “One Size Fits None.” Learn more at VonieKalich.com.

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Chaz Pro

Sound Therapist, Musician

Chaz has been a musician for many years and found his true passion in sound healing nearly 10 years ago. Today he is a certified music and sound therapist with his healing music nationally released on all platforms under Vibrational Souls. Learn more about Chaz and his sound healing and musical instrument store at Northwest Sound Healing and Musical Instruments, located on 6531 NE Highway 99 in Vancouver, WA. Follow @chaz.pro.


Chris Robson

Meditation Teacher

"Hi, I'm Chris and I have the privilege of leading the weekly meditation group at Breathe. I have been practicing meditation for over twenty years. My root teacher is Ruth Denison and my personal practice is Green Tara, although I like to learn from all wisdom traditions. I also incorporate learnings from dreamwork and the I Ching. In my work life I run my own Data Science company. I am a self-confessed nerd and I have a deep fascination for technology. I look forward to sharing in meditation with you." Visit CamasMeditation.com to sign up for Chris's weekly newsletter and more.