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Yoga Meditation Vancouver WA

What are these folks up to?
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Sound Bath Sound Therapy Vancouver WA

Jeremy Fraj

Sound Therapist and Meditation Guide

"In 2013, I began a path of spiritual self-discovery and health optimization. Five years later, I decided to join this new way of life with my background in music and drumming, and I began offering sound therapy. Over the years, I have developed the ability to provide an intuitive experience based on what I sense from participants. With every acoustic journey, I aim to remind others that we have the capacity to reclaim ourselves, live authentically and harness our unique potentiality to thrive."

Yoga Vancouver WA

Rhia Roses

200-Hour Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide

“I have been studying yoga for over 15 years and deeply wish to grow my practice by remaining a lifelong student. I love to incorporate nature in my classes with outdoor yoga and by bringing natural elements and themes into my indoor experiences. Join me to cultivate peace and balance as we practice together in meditation, breathwork and gentle yoga!”

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Tammy Bux

Certified Yoga Instructor, Teacher of Qigong, Meditation and Mindfulness

Tammy Bux is a certified yoga instructor and TEDx speaker, trained in Medical Qigong at Breathe Together Yoga, Compassion and Meditation at Stanford University and Consciousness and Healing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Tammy provides a thoughtful and caring environment, with an inclusive approach to teaching qigong, yoga, breathwork and meditation, accessible to a variety of age groups and abilities. She guides her students to cultivate resilience and practice compassion, empowering them to discover radiance and wellbeing within.

Sound Bath Sound Therapy Vancouver WA

Chelsea Raye

LMT, Reiki and Energy Facilitator, Sound Therapist and Meditation Guide

Having been an integral part of our massage team since 2019, we are delighted to announce that Chelsea is now offering live, acoustic sound therapy! She creates a wonderfully enchanting soundscape that is deeply relaxing. She intuitively makes use of several crystal bowls, tuning forks, glass chimes, tongue drum, crystals and other spiritual accoutrements and practices for a unique and inspiring experience!


Chelsea offers community sound therapy and personalized events. Click here to learn more!

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Patrick Rowe

Wu Style Tai Chi Teacher

A lifelong student and teacher of Tai Chi, Patrick has over 40 years of experience and studied under Ma Shek Sing of Hong Kong, a student of the original Wu family. To experience authentic Wu Style Tai Chi is to embark on an ancient mystery tour of your entire being! It increases circulation, balance, strength, the mindbody connection and even the extension of life (the latter being a major reason why the ancient monks created it!) In teaching, Patrick possesses wonderfully calm and humorous energy and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. To him, Tai Chi is like a treasure box: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!

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KC Johnson

Certified Yoga Instructor, Holistic Coach and Mom

KC is the founder of Namaste Happy and has dedicated her life to teaching others the needed mindset and skills to experience a balanced lifestyle and authentic happiness. Now in the final year of her masters’ studies at Harvard, KC applies the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, physiology and mindfulness to assist others in managing daily stress and anxiety. KC believes that connection, rest, self care, laughter and play, all of which she integrates into her coaching and classes, are the necessary elements to building the happy life of your dreams!

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