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Yoga Meditation Vancouver WA

What are these folks up to?
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Sound Bath Sound Therapy Vancouver WA

Chelsea Raye

Sound Therapist, Energy Healer, and Founder of Raye of Light

Chelsea has been working closely with Breathe since 2019, and has been in the healing arts profession since 2016. In sound therapy, she creates a magical space and a wonderfully enchanting soundscape journey that is meditative and deeply relaxing. Chelsea intuitively makes use of several crystal bowls, tuning forks, glass chimes, tongue drum, crystals and other spiritual accoutrements and practices for a unique and inspiring experience!

"Join me for a journey within, and discover your unique ability to create balance and renewal!” - Chelsea

Sound Bath Sound Therapy Vancouver WA

Jeremy Fraj

Sound Therapist, Meditation Guide, and Self Healing Ambassador

"In 2013, I began a path of spiritual self-discovery and health optimization. Five years later, I decided to join this new way of life with my background in music and drumming, and I began offering sound therapy. Over the years, I have developed the ability to provide an intuitive experience based on what I sense from participants. With every acoustic journey, I aim to remind others that we have the capacity to reclaim ourselves, live authentically and harness our unique potentiality to thrive."

Yoga Vancouver WA

Rhia Roses

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and Meditation Guide

Rhia discovered yoga after experiencing chronic back pain in her teens due to scoliosis. The realization that yoga could heal chronic pain led her to dive deep into her health and wellness journey. After being diagnosed with SIBO in 2018, the dive went even deeper and eventually led Rhia to the practice of Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga) and becoming a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.


"I believe we are all lifelong students, so let the journey continue! Join me in cultivating peace, wellness, fun and ultimate relaxation through yoga asana, meditation and breath work!"


Olivia Harper

Sound Therapist and Founder of Songbird Sound Therapy

Olivia Harper is a certified therapeutic harpist and sound healing practitioner based in Portland, Oregon. She offers a range of services including sound baths, one-on-one sound healing sessions, and custom subconscious rewiring soundtracks to help promote healing and balance for her clients. In her work, she combines the use of crystal singing bowls, harp, chimes, ocean drum, her beautiful voice and more.

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Cindy Carlton

LMT, Continuiung Education Teacher, and Founder of Facilitated Health & Healing

Having 15 years of experience with intuitive bodywork and a lifetime of service to others, Cindy helps her clients release pain and stress that may be stored in the body, so they can move through life with increased joy and grace. In teaching, she focuses on helping people learn to use energy and psychic tools to become more in tune with their own minds and bodies, and more in tune to others and the world around them. Cindy's subtle yet powerful techniques are inspirational to both personal and professional life!

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Michelle Johnson

LMT and Continuiung Education Teacher

"After being in a motor vehicle accident several years ago, I began receiving massage therapy to treat my conditions. I was so fortunate to connect with an amazing therapist who was able to help me regain my health and functionality, and she also helped me realize that I wanted to do this work for others. It was in 2015 that I graduated from Everest College and have been absolutely loving my career ever since! I use a combination of Swedish, trigger point therapy, cupping and gua sha, and so I'm excited to begin sharing my skills with other massage therapists in the Vancouver area! See you in class!"

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