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Jeremy Fraj

Sound Therapist and Meditation Guide

"In 2013, I began a path of spiritual self-discovery and health optimization. Five years later, I decided to join this new way of life with my background in music and drumming, and I began offering sound therapy. Over the years, I have developed the ability to provide an intuitive experience based on what I sense from participants. With every acoustic journey, I aim to remind others that we have the capacity to reclaim ourselves, live authentically and harness our unique potentiality to thrive." Follow @ohsoulsimple.


Jessica Johnson

Mindful Yoga Teacher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Personal Leadership Coach

We are delighted to team with Jessica Johnson, a Mental Health and Wellness Counselor, Personal Leadership Coach and Yoga Teacher. Jessica is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with specialty training in body-based approaches and integrating complementary and alternative medicine into mental health services. At Breathe, Jessica offers public movement and meditation classes and is also available for mental health counseling.

In her words: "I am passionate about helping people find the freedom to be who they are created to be, their highest or best self, and without any hindrances from themselves, their past or society. When people are free to be, they soar! My professional mission is to help people find the freedom to live out their full capacity and enjoy an amazing journey, even with all of life’s ups and downs. Spread your wings… you are free to be!"

Check out to read more about Jessica, her services and to book appointments.

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Elena Ivaschenko

400-Hour Yoga Teacher, Meditation Guide, Dance + Fitness Instructor

Elena has been teaching dance and fitness since 2004. Having practiced yoga for many years, she decided to get her training and also become a yoga teacher. Now with nearly 500 hours of education, her yogic scope of practice is broad and refined, with the spirit of Anusara at its core. Elena’s style combines a focus on alignment with playful and creative sequencing of postures, leading you to find a relaxing and energizing union of breath and body. She encourages you to explore the benefits of yoga at your own pace. Elena believes that yoga, like life, should be approached with love, care and humor.


Along with teaching public movement and mindfulness classes at Breathe, Elena also offers personalized Movement and Meditation, which can be scheduled as 1:1 or group sessions. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Elena will work with you to customize classes to fit your health and wellness goals. These events maintain the same pricing and promotions as our massage services and are available for 60-, 75- and 90-min sessions. $10 per additional person if group event is desired.


Elena's schedule is flexible and she can be available most days and evenings. Call us now to book at 360.604.1226!


Rhia Roses

200-Hour Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide

Rhia is a lifelong student of yoga with over 15 years of practice. To broaden her knowledge, she completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification in November 2021 and is currently working on her 500-hour certification. Rhia's yogic specialty focuses on teaching others how to direct their mental energy into grounding their roots--feet, legs and hips--through the practice of balancing asanas, aka postures.


In her free time, Rhia finds joy being in nature and using yoga as a bridge to connect with Mother Earth. She believes that the path of yoga can lead one to ultimate freedom in body-mind-soul.

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Ryan Washington

Breathwork and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master

Ryan is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and a certified Reiki Master with a Quantum Light Healing Certification through minister and shaman, Jeff Crawford of Nashville, TN. Ryan is also an Emotional Resilience Coach, and he specializes in breathwork, meditation, alternative healing and personal development. He has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health goals by transforming less healthy habits, both in thought and action, into patterns that nurture, heal and empower. Ryan’s mission is to continue impacting others that they can create a more positive mental space and become the change they wish to see in the world. Follow @conscious.ryan.

Along with teaching public meditation and breathwork classes at Breathe, Ryan also offers personalized Breathwork and Reiki appointments. He customizes each treatment to your needs using a combination of techniques within these wonderful practices. With the same pricing and promotions as our massage services, these appointments are available for 60-, 75- and 90-min sessionsRyan is available for Reiki and Breathwork on Sunday afternoons. Call us at 360.604.1226 or book online now!

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Chelsea Raye

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Facilitator and Sound Therapist

Having been an integral part of our massage team since 2019, we are delighted to announce that Chelsea is now offering live, acoustic sound therapy. She creates a wonderfully enchanting experience that is deeply relaxing. Her service can be customized for specific intentions, such as energy release and empowerment, or to simply relax and invigorate. Chelsea makes use of several crystal bowls, tuning forks, glass chimes, crystals and other spiritual accoutrements and practices.


These events maintain the same pricing and promotions as our massage services and are available for 60-min sessions. $10 per additional person if group event is desired. Please call us at 360.604.1226 to schedule your personalized sound therapy event!

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