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Retreat Yoga Massage Vancouver WA

Experience Massage Like No Other!


Experience an interactive and incredibly effective sports mobility treatment with Kindra Boyle, licensed massage therapist of over 20 years! She has designed Mobility Freedom Therapy, a non-traditional form of bodywork that focuses on improving shoulder and hip rotation to restore full body mobility and core strength, ultimately relieving pain and improving posture for long lasting results.

During this clothed session, you will lie comfortably on the therapy table and will be guided through gentle muscle contractions designed to restore full range of motion in your shoulders and hips. Kindra incorporates several effective massage and healing tools during treatment to aid in your body's ability to relax with greater ease. Please bring or wear comfortable clothing to your session. A t-shirt with leggings or sweat pants is ideal.

Mobility sessions are available for 60- and *90-minutes and reflect the same pricing and promotions as our massage therapy services.

*A 90-minute session is encouraged for your first visit and includes 60-minutes of bodywork with a 30-minute mobility exercise routine. You will be encouraged to continue practicing these simple exercises at home to help your body maintain the improved functionality that results from this amazing therapy!


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