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Free to Be: Mental Health Counseling, Coaching and Yoga


Jessica Johnson

Founder of Free to Be: Mental Health Counseling, Coaching and Yoga

We are delighted to team with Jessica Johnson, a Mental Health and Wellness Counselor, Personal Leadership Coach and Yoga Teacher. Jessica is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with specialty training in body-based approaches and integrating complementary and alternative medicine into mental health services. Jessica is now available for wellness sessions at Breathe!

In her words: "I am passionate about helping people find the freedom to be who they are created to be, their highest or best self, and without any hindrances from themselves, their past or society. When people are free to be, they soar! My professional mission is to help people find the freedom to live out their full capacity and enjoy an amazing journey, even with all of life’s ups and downs. Spread your wings… you are free to be!"

Check out to read more about Jessica, her services and to book appointments.

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