Discover the power of therapeutic massage! Our therapists are fantastic at listening to your needs and creating customized treatment plans that ease stress, aches and pains to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The following modalities are not an exhaustive list of what we offer but are commonly requested. Be sure to view our Massage Therapists page to find the perfect practitioner for you!

Swedish Massage

This lighter style of therapy increases circulation and relaxation, while decreasing tension, aches and pains. It is often the basis of therapeutic massage treatments, used to warm the muscles and connective tissues by applying oil or creme to the body with light to medium pressure. Swedish massage is deeply relaxing and therefore highly meditative.

Deep Tissue Massage

This practice is wonderful for relieving pain and increasing range of motion in the joints. The massage therapist may use forearms, elbows and hands to apply firm pressure in order to access the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues in the body. Deep Tissue can be used in conjunction with Swedish massage or by itself. It is a great modality for targeting specific conditions such a frozen shoulder, tendonitis, sciatica or chronic headache.

Prenatal Massage

Designed specifically for expectant mothers, this style of massage uses bolsters and pillows either in the side-lying position or reclined on a soft wedge. Side-lying and reclined massage are also great options for non-pregnant clients who may have difficulty or experience discomfort when lying on the table face up on their back or face down upon their abdomen.


This energy work applies low frequency waves by hovering hands over the body and using gentle touch. Reiki supports the person on all levels. Physically, it relaxes stressed muscles, decreases pain and accelerates healing. On the mental level, it reduces anxiety and stress and increases a sense of well-being. Spiritually, clients often state that they feel reborn and are better focused on living life intentionally.

Corporate Massage

Rest is productive! To set up a free consultation to determine your exclusive needs for corporate chair massage, call us at 360.604.1226. These events can be established at our studio and your location, and we provide all necessary accoutrements to create a relaxing atmosphere for your team.