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Conscious Connection Academy: Emotional Resilience Coaching + More


Ryan Washington

Co-founder of Conscious Connection Academy: Emotional Resilience Coaching & More

Ryan is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and a certified Reiki Master with a Quantum Light Healing Certification through minister and shaman, Jeff Crawford of Nashville, TN. Ryan is also an Emotional Resilience Coach, and he specializes in breathwork, meditation, alternative healing and personal development. He has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health goals by transforming less healthy habits, both in thought and action, into patterns that nurture, heal and empower. Ryan’s mission is to continue impacting others that they can create a more positive mental space and become the change they wish to see in the world. Follow @conscious.ryan.

We are delighted to share that Ryan is available for Emotional Resilience Coaching at Breathe. His holistic and integrative work assists in identifying and releasing potential trauma stored in the body. Learn more and book appointments for Emotional Resilience Coaching at!

Also note that, along with teaching public meditation and breathwork classes at Breathe, Ryan also offers personalized Breathwork and  Reiki  appointments. He customizes each treatment to your needs using a combination of techniques within these wonderful practices. With the same  pricing  and structure as our massage services, these appointments are available for 60-, 75- and 90-min sessions. Book now!

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