Owner, Massage Therapist & Class Guide

Shelby Harvey

Since I was a young child, movement in dance, fitness, yoga and other activities have strongly influenced my passion for health and wellness. In 2012 I initiated my career in massage therapy, and my work continuously evolves into a unique mixture of practices designed to alleviate stress and enhance well-being. With essential oils and guided meditation techniques, I create a calm space for others to let go of mental chatter and create present moment awareness. This is the key to allowing expansion of the mind, which enables relaxation and the ability to recognize patterns that might need altering to better serve our individual selves and the world in which we live.

In May of 2016, I began working at Breathe and in February 2019, purchased the company. It is an absolute dream come true to own and operate Breathe with the love of my life, Zach. Together we strive to further the growth of our company to sustain a tranquil space that provides phenomenal massage therapy and movement classes for our community.

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Class Guide

Chris Robson

Hi, I'm Chris and I have the privilege of leading the weekly meditation group at Breathe. I have been practicing meditation for over twenty years. My root teacher is Ruth Denison and my personal practice is Green Tara, although I like to learn from all wisdom traditions. I also incorporate learnings from dreamwork and the I Ching. In my work life I run my own Data Science company. I am a self-confessed nerd and I have a deep fascination for technology. I look forward to sharing in meditation with you.

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Feel Like Sharing?

With in-person, live streaming and on-demand capabilities, we are always open to meeting people who are willing to share their unique styles of yoga and other movement or educational offerings. If you aim to guide others in classes or workshops, reach out to us today -- we look forward to meeting you!